Blanket for comfortable sleep

A significant portion of life a person spends in a dream. At night we relax, gain strength and give
the ability of the body to recover after a hard day. It is from how comfortable
was dream, depends our well-being. Therefore, when looking for sleeping accessories should be
extremely careful.

The range of models is very diverse. And that the purchase did not disappoint you or your loved ones, it is worth remembering the main characteristics of the blanket. After all, they should be considered when buying.
      Size. The blanket can be children's (for the smallest), single (140x205cm), semi-detached (slightly larger than a single, aspect ratio varies), double (172x205 cm), Euro size (200x220 cm).
Filler. Sheep or camel hair, ecofiber, Swan's down, bamboo fiber and
eucalyptus — a lot of options. The choice depends on what time of year you will be covered with a blanket, whether you suffer from allergies and other factors.

The ability to absorb moisture and air-permeable. Thanks to these properties, the blanket maintains an ideal body temperature. Today there are no problems with air exchange:
all modern fillers successfully cope with this task. But when assessing the ability to absorb moisture can be identified leader — woolen blanket.

Hypoallergenic properties. The safest from this point of view fillers — synthetic, as well as some of the natural — eucalyptus and bamboo. The latter not only do not cause allergic reactions, but also have bactericidal properties. They prevent the appearance of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

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